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Brahma Chizel

Bangalore is referred to as ‘The Silicon Valley of India’. No doubt, it is one of the fastest growing cities in India with a mine of creativity and technological knack that people have there.

The reason why 3D printing is a booming industry, is because it can enable customers to get what they really want and thus enable companies to make what their customers really want. Many companies have already started using this factor to their benefits. Some of them being Motorola, Nike, Velvet case, etc.

Even Amazon and Ebay have entered the field of mass customization with print on-demand. People in Bangalore specifically  are more informed about this technology . Here people are already aware of the nitty-gritty of 3D printing and many have already used 3D printing in some form or the other. [Source]So focusing on Bangalore and keeping in mind the large scale of scope 3D printing has there, we have listed top few 3D printing companies in Bangalore that are elevating the 3D printing game there.

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3D printing companies in Bangalore: ChizelPrints

Chizel is an online additive manufacturing design studio offering rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing services across India. We are one stop solution center with manufacturing capabilities in 3D printing, vacuum casting and CNC.

A few highlighted activities that chizel provides includes proactive communication, using more than 25 types of materials, an in-house design team to ensure manufacturability of every feature under controlled tolerances right at design phase and also express delivery options makes them the best of the lot that Bangalore has. [Source]

3D printing companies in Bangalore: Altem Technologies

Altem Technologies, the leading partners for Stratasys and SLM in India brings you the ability to take your 3D CAD designs from the CAD screen to a realistic part in-hand with the 3D printing process as easy as pushing a button.

Fit and form models, print assembly parts, manufacture production tools on the fly and even produce a small batch of production parts – these are some of the applications of 3D Printing that Stratasys Additive Manufacturing System offers today.

This is all made possible with the 3D Printing technology that Altem offers with an unrivaled range of consumable material option like 3D Printer Filament and 3D Printer Resins for Stratasys 3D printers in India. [Source]

3D printing companies in Bangalore: Intech DMLS Pvt. Ltd.

INTECH DMLS has been a visionary leader in the field of Metal Based DMLS 3D printing, in India. Backed by a creative design team, meticulous analysis team, dedicated machine shop, accurate post processing facility and extremely competent quality control services, they are very well poised to offer an end-to- end service in the Additive Manufacturing space.

With more than 30 years of metallurgical expertise of running a foundry and 25+ years of machining expertise, INTECH DMLS was established in 2012.

They leveraged their expertise of Metallurgy and Machining, and established themselves as the leaders of the Metal Additive manufacturing Industry in India.

Additive Manufacturing, using DMLS, assists in offering the highest flexibility to manufacture complex structures, which are extremely challenging to build in a conventional manufacturing process. The other advantages include Reduced Time to Market, Elimination of Tooling, Weight Reductions and Intricate Internal Channels, which eventually helps reduce costs[Source]

3D printing companies in Bangalore: Think3D

Think3D is India’s one of the largest 3D printer store. It not only provides with 3D printers, it’s filament and other parts but it also provides rapid prototyping services. It also has pre surgical models,   custom prosthetic, miniature scale models and much more.

They are the most customer oriented 3D printing service provider, with timely communication. And most importantly, they use high quality imported printers and offer the most competitive prices in Bangalore, for 3D Printing services. [Source]

3D printing companies in Bangalore: 3Digiprints

3Digi Prints empowers the registered users to select the best 3D printing services and 3D printing equipment’s made available by using a unique fully integrated portal linked to a production facility.

It provides the first interface with a complete tutorial for people who need education about 3D printing, creating a 3D printable design, installing and running a 3D, troubleshooting and maintaining a 3D printer. The idea is to leverage Mobility and IT to enable quality 3D Printing for all. [Source] It plays on 3 main USP’s accuracy, confidentiality, and accuracy.

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These are the Top 5 3D printing companies in Bangalore that have realized the potential of this emerging technology and the prospect it has to offer in many different industries.  There are many more 3D Printing startups in Bangalore which have started offering many services.

We have also written a post on 3D printing in Bangalore and what to expect from the 3D printing market there and the types of services that are provided.

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